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Introducing Android 8.0 Oreo™

Coincidentally, on the day of the total Solar Eclipse, that is August 21st, 2017, Google confirmed the release of the new version of Google Android 8.0 Oreo. This new mobile OS introduces us to an entire world of new and improved features that comprise Picture-in-Picture mode, improved security, increased battery life, optimized systems, new icons, emojis and numerous other exciting attributes.



Let’s not underestimate 8.0 because Android’s got a native split-screen function ever since the Nougat release (and it’s been kneaded into their own software since God knows when) because well, when have you ever actually used it?  That too with that 4 inch screen mobile. Android Oreo now makes your life easier by introducing the platform for multitasking with a function called picture-in-picture mode. Especially for our super smart phones, it’s a truly helpful space-saving and non interface-interrupting way of utilizing different apps on our screen at once — though in reality it basically only applies to specific sorts of full-screen related tasks.

Background limits:

It so happens that in our busy schedule, we almost always leave apps running in the background which consumes our device’s essential resources, such as RAM. Such a situation results in an hindered user experience, and just thinking about those resource-intensive app, such as games or viewing video gives the poor handset a headache. To rectify this issue, Android 8.0 (API level 26) brings to you restrains on what applications are capable of doing whilst running in the background. It helps the system distinguish between foreground and background apps for the purpose of service limitations pertaining to memory management.

Double Boot Speed:

In 21st century, every thing has a certain momentum associated with it. With this comes the responsibility of every programmer and manufacturer to increase the pace of things. Android Oreo comes with twice the boot speed when powering up, the boot time as measured on Google Pixel.


Autofill memorizes your login information to access your most visited applications at supersonic speed(With your permission of course).Google implementing the recent Autofill APIs which allow the users to set the data-storing apps along with their passwords to act as their preferred autofill application.Why do we need this? Well, many people depend on less secure means of storing vital information and provides a platform where you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.(No need to maintain those notepad and diaries for passwords now right?). Android 8.0 makes this implementation seamless.

The scarcity of time dictates the need to multi-task.

More Apps, Fewer taps!

Notification Dots:

Press the notification dots to quickly see what’s new, and easily clear them by swiping away.


As per the floating traditions this new feature will allow you to block some channels, leaving all other channels unblocked. From Android O onwards, if you want to send a notification, you must set a channel for that notification using the channel identifier and you are good to go. Users may modify the functioning of any channel (sounds, lights, vibration, etc.) or to block a particular channel completely if they really want to. With this you are going to control all the checks you want to have over your notifications and that ranges allowing to silence some notifications and have them return later. Android O will also let developers to change the background of the notifications on the basis of the criticality.

Android Instant Apps:

Teleport straight into new applications directly from the browser, simple right? In a nutshell, checking out most of the attributes of  the application without  installing it by using links that run in a modular environment— the reason behind enabling it as a feature. It doesn’t work for all the applications. Let’s just say that this may not work exactly like you expect. For instance, you can’t launch apps from the Play Store but instead they get launched from compatible hyperlinks or other search results.

Peace of mind in the your hands.

Google Play Protect:

Magnificent revolution that scans over fifty billion application per day even if you haven’t installed them yet. All the Google Play applications undergo a rigorous security check before they’re even published on Play Store itself—and Play Protect warns you about all the harmful applications that may be downloaded from foreign sources too. It is always on a look out for apps that step out of the line, keeping every Android user safe.

Talk about a life saver

Work.Play.Stream. Battery is not that one of many and/or a one-off feature. You don’t fritter during the entire plane ride worried if your mobile doesn’t have that cool-cut chambered edges, whether or not your home screen has enough widgets or if your torch works. Your smart phone becomes strong when its full of life. Android Oreo brings life to your phone, stronger than ever.

Express yourself in more ways than ever


Feel a little more with the entire new set of emojis !

Notification snoozing

Hands down, this is the Android Oreo’s most useful and splendid innovation: the newfound life saver is something the world’s been clamoring for since the innovation of the damn notifications themselves. Working it out is fairly simple but hard if you got no clue where to look: Just swiftly and slowly sift a notification to either side (not completely, just slightly) and tap that newly added clock icon you see. High time you shut those annoying things up.


 Quick overview of what’s beyond!

Larger font highlighting the incoming notifications along with emphasized app icons and immediate access to actions.

High-performance audio given by API function including Native C/C++ audio API.

Pointer capture lets the application capture all mouse input.

Project Treble

A massive change to the very building blocks of Android till date: a modular architecture making it simpler and faster for hardware manufacturers to deliver Android updates.

Automatic assistance for expansion or contraction of their text  based on the TextView characteristics, making text optimization simpler whether it is on different screens or has dynamic content .

Assistance for tooltips (Descriptive text via small popup windows) for accessing menu items.

Automatically connects you to great quality Wi-Fi services and then secures it with a VPN .

There are lots of wonders you have yet to discover!