Angular JS

 Most Popular Web Application Framework (built by Google)

Learn AngularJS

  • To become a Front-end Developer
  • For making awesome single page applications
  • For making application both for web and mobile
  • AngularJS is built by Google
  • Most popular modern day web framework

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AngularJS Course

AngularJS is most popular Front-end web development framework these days. It is built by developers at Google. There is a lot of demand in industry for AngularJS developers.

While old technologies like jQuery and other old JS frameworks can be useful for small application. For bigger, more scalable projects AngularJS is a great option.

Course Outline

  • Javascript programming Language
  • HTML form basics
  • AngularJS Application Structure
  • Controllers,Services,Filters and Directives
  • Custom Filters and Directives
  • Angular JS Routing and Tempting
  • AngularJS Modular structure
  • Asynchronous function handling with Angular
  • AngularJS debugging tools
  • AngularJS in Mobile Applications
  • AngularJS integration with Popular Backend Servers
  • Mongo, NodeJS and ExpressJS Basics


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Angular Summer Training 2017 Batch-1

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Angular Summer Training 2017 Batch-2

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Angular Training - Feb 2017

Angular Training - Feb 2017