PokeMon   (Click here to Play )

PokeMon requires your help. Save them by picking the right ones. There are some good characters and there are the bad ones. Create a 8×8 Div to make a gameboard.

Game Rules

  1. Pikachu should appear at random places.
  2. At the same time bad guy (giovanni) will also appear.
  3. Pikachu and bad guy can’t be on same grid box.
  4. You have to click Pikachu Grid to save it.
  5. One correct click means +1
  6. Consecutive 3 correct means +5 bonus also.
  7. Wrong answer will mean -3.
  8. Going to negative score will mean “Game Over”
  9. A total of 30 points mean Level Complete.
  10. 1st Level will have Pikachu and Other Guy appearing for 2 second.
  11. There will be a gap of 3 seconds in between next random location.
  12. With every increasing level Pikachu and other will appear for lesser time. As a rule time will be

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