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Summer Training Courses

Youstart Labs Placement Camp In Jaipur


Programming Basics

  • Data types, Function & Pointer,
  • Memory management, File handling
  • Preprocessors, Storage classes
DS & Algorithms

Data structures

  • List, Stack, Queue
  • Tree,Graph, Hashing,
  • Complex DS: Rope,Trie, treap, Tree – ScapeGoat, Segment, Splay
DS & Algorithms


  • Greedy algorithms
  • Dynamic programming
  • Tournament sort, Sorting & Searching
AngularJS Trainings

Competitive programming

  • Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, ACM ICPC
  • HackerRank Week of Code, TopCoder, Codechef
  • Efficient algorithms,Suitable programming languages
Web Fundamentals

Web Fundamentals

  • Jquery and Angular basics
  • HTTP, DNS, Web servers
Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Object Oriented Concepts

  • OOP concepts – Polymorphism, Inheritance
  • Core JAVA topics
  • Serialization, threading and Files

Linux OS

  • Basic Commands
  • Shell – Bash, Scripts
  • Networking and Servers
Object Oriented Programming Concepts


  • Insert into, Delete, Update, Wildard operators
  • Distinct, WHERE, Having, Select top, Union
  • Join (Inner, Left, Right,Full, Cartesian & Self)
AngularJS Trainings

Digital Logic

  • Plugins and IDEs
  • Editors
  • MOOCs resources
Code Practises

Operating Systems

  • OS concepts
  • Process, threads
  • Semaphores

Computer Networks

  • Network Layers – OSI
  • Routing and Switching
Git & Github

Git and GitHub

  • Git Basics
  • Github, Bitbucket
  • Open Source

Virtualization & Cloud

  • Hypervisor and OS
  • Virtual Machines
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
AngularJS Trainings

Computer Architecture

  • Computer hardware
  • CPU architectures
  • Memory and Storage concepts
Database Management Systems

Database Management

  • Relation DB and SQL
  • Triggers, Keys constraints,
  • CODD Rules, Normalization and Concurrency Control
Coding Interviews & Competitions

Mock Interviews

  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Panel Interviews
  • HR interviews
Cloud Services

Practice Code Tests

  • Online tests
  • Paper tests
  • Group quiz tests
AngularJS Trainings


  • Math Aptitude
  • English Aptitude
  • Comprehensions
AngularJS Trainings

Personal Counseling

  • One-on-One Interactions
  • Strength and Weakness analysis
  • Career choices suitability

What we Offer


Youstart Labs Classrooms

Interactive Hands-on Training

Youstart Labs provide training on Internet Technologies, Core Software Fundamentals and Future Technologies. We teach you through lectures - We make you code along. You learn to convert simple programs into real world applications.


Launch what you build

Our training don't include old-school projects. You learn and build your own projects. You get to launch them right away. It can be your startup Idea or your ticket to a great Job.


Youstart Labs Projects

Youstart Labs LMS

Youstart Learning System

With Youstart Labs Learning Management System, you become part of the organization. All your progress, documents and study material will be available in your login. Cool right !


Selective Batches

For programs like Code Camp - We only select students who pass out screening criteria. For other Programs also we create a very small or selective batch of Students.


Youstart Labs batch

The Team

Abhishek Rathore

Abhishek Rathore


BITS Pilani alumnus, work experience from CISCO, EMC.

Abhijeet Rathore

Abhijeet Rathore


IIT Delhi alumnus,  ex-scientist at ISRO



Training Incharge

BITS Pilani alumnus,  EMC, former Assistant Prof

Hiring + Strategic Partners


“Well I’m a person who love python, flirt with flask and date django. Want to dive in field of backed development and for future see myself as a Data Scientist( a fancy word I know). Being a part of Youstart Labs had been a great experience and an import step for my goal. I’m a code geek and a data nerd. My best friend is my Laptop with whom I’m going to achieve my Goals.”

Azhar Khan

B.Tech CSE, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur

“The time I have spent here has been tremendously valuable, and I would highly recommend that anyone interested in solving our world’s problems through collaboration check out YOUSTART.”

Umang Srivastava

B.Tech CSE, IIMT Greater Noida

“The experts at Youstart are very friendly,by their guidance and  support I have learnt various things in Angular and applied them to make a viable product.Thanks to the Youstart team”

Aayush Arora (Selected for GSoC'16)

B.Tech IT , JSS Noida

“It was a unique experience to work with Youstart, as the name itself suggests a point wherein ‘youstart’ learning and exploring the real world technologies by practically implementing the same.”

Nikhil Pathak

B.Tech CSE, IIMT Greater Noida

“I want to enhance my expertise in software development and learn other relevant skills. My dream is to have hands-on experience in as many technical projects as I can post which I become well adept at the skill I have chosen to work upon. Youstart helped me see the path to success and I tend to work hard to achieve my dreams.”

Anubhav Shrimal

B.Tech CSE, S.K.I.T., Jaipur

“I want to continue my career in Deep learning and Machine learning  with the strong foundation of algorithms, along this I always enjoy Full stack development and mobile application development  .”

Harsh Bhardwaj

B.Tech CSE, S.K.I.T., Jaipur

“I want to make a career which demands best of my professional ability and help me in broadening and enhancing my skills and knowledge with an environment of working not just like a job but as a passion.”

Bhaskar Sharma

B.Tech CSE,, Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur

“In YouStart I have done work on Wood-karts Website Design and gain Experience in Web Designing and get Knowledge about New Technologies”

SaiTeja Chandra


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